AQUABAG-PURE Water Polishing Bag - SMALL


  • For Pool Under 16 feet (Over 16 feet, SEE THE PURE LARGE)
  • Removes Silt, Pollen, Bacteria, Algae, Sand, DE Power and More
  • Improves Filter Performance Up To 30 Times
  • Absorbs Tanning Oils and Lotions
  • Works With Your Existing Filter System
  • Filters Particles as Small as 1 Micron (1/1000th of a mm)
  • Reusable and Durable
  • No Tools Needed To Install
  • Easy Adapters For Most Pools - SEE ADAPTERS


The SMALL Aquabag-PURE pool water polishing bag will remove contaminants from your pool as as small as 1 Micron. That is many times smaller than even the best pool filter! Silt, Pollen, algae, bacteria, spores, cysts and other microscopic material will be permanently removed from your pool, helping to provide the clearest and healthiest swimming environment possible. An added benefit of removing these types of contaminants is that it can reduce your chemical usage for long term savings.

If your pool is cloudy due to fine contaminants that are passing through your pool filter, our Aquabag-PURE filter will collect it and restore your pool water to crystal clear condition. As an added bonus, it will also absorb sun tanning oils and lotions.

Easy to use! Simply connect the bag to the water return port of your pool using one of our adapters or the return hose from your filter system.  Then simply sit back while your pool clears. We also offer adapters to make connection a snap.

Works with in ground pools and above ground pools including soft sided pools!

Settled Debris and Silt
If you have silt settling in your pool that simply passes through your main filter, just connect the Aquabag-PURE to your filter return and vacuum as normal. Depending on the amount of debris, the Aquabag-PURE may block up and require frequent rinsing as you progress. Be sure to frequently check the bag for firmness and rinse as necessary.  In the event of heavy sediment after shocking a severe case of algae, you may need to first "Vac to waste" to get the majority of it. Although the Aquabag-PURE will capture it, the number of rinses required could be excessive. To remove residual cloudiness after shocking, run your main filter for a day or two before connecting the Aquabag-PURE.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Cleaned up Algae

I had some cloudiness in my pool after shocking an algae problem and I had spent a while trying to get my water clear again.. This cleared it up over two days with four or five rinses. Recommend..

Adam T.
Took About Four Days

Granted that my pool had cloud due to dead Algae, but I didn't think that it would take that long. I don't have a way to vac to waste, so floc was not an option and it did do the job faster than the clarifier I used last year. My water is very clear..I have been connecting it a few times a week as support recommended to reduce the chance of having another green deal with.All that said, I do recommend it.

Backwash Saver

I was frustrated that a cloud of sand would flow into my pool after a backwash and figured I would give this a try. Problem solved.

Won a bet

My hubby was trying to get the pool clear and I bet him that I could do it. Guess who has a pool boy for the weekend!

More than worth it

I tried a few things before finding this and was frustrated with my ongoing issue with cloudy water. Since all of my water test levels looked good, I suspected it was the inadequate performance of my pool filter. This thing confirmed my suspicions when my pool cleared a couple days after connecting it. I connect in once a week for a day and I'm now on week five of clear water!