AQUABAG-CU - For Copper Removal

  • Captures Oxidized Copper
  • Reduces Levels To Non-Visible 4-5 PPM
  • Reusable And Durable
  • No Chemicals Used!
  • Easily Connect With Our "No Tools" Adapters
  • Results Normally Seen Within 24 Hours


The AQUABAG-CU pool water filter will remove oxidized copper from your pool water, permanently, without the use of chemicals! Its simply the safest and easiest way to clear your pool water of copper due to hard well water, algaecides, and other sources of copper. Copper presents as a green "tint". If you are not sure, have your water tested or test your water with a kit that looks for metals.

Easy to use! Simply connect the bag to the water return port using one of our adapters or the return hose from your filter system. Our VariNeck™ design allows connections to either 1.5" or 2" fitting or hose connections without a size adapter. For 2" fittings, simply use scissors to remove the 1.5 inch section of the bag neck.

An Aquabag will work with in ground pools and above ground pools including soft sided pools!

The most common connection for hard wall and soft sided pools where one of our adapters isn't compatible is to simply disconnect your return hose, insert it into the Aquabag-CU, tighten the supplied tie and put the bag in the pool. Then simply sit back while your pool clears.

Please Note:The Aquabag CU will notremove existing stains on pool surfaces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brought the levels down

Pool was slightly green and tested as high copper. I have big pool and left it connected it for five days. It was day three before it looked better. The pool cleared and I just had my water tested again and it is within the safe range. Not a one day thing, but it seems to have worked.

Works as advertised

Did the job.

Jimmy C.
Green to clear

Just like the title. It worked with just one washout in a day and a half.. Ba bye chems.

Does what it says

I have had copper issues for years that gave my water a green tint. This is my second year with the same bag and it did the job again in a day.

Andy W.
All good

This was super easy to use and got my water clear fast. Great product.