Customer Testimonials - Before and After

Below is a sampling of images and feedback submitted by some of our many satisfied customers. Cloudy water, not quite clear water, brown or green water are all represented below.
The testimonials can also be an aid to identifying which Aquabag is right for you by comparing your pool's appearance to those below.

Please share your own Aquabag Before/After

Customer supplied image before clearing.


Pick a place to take a picture where you can repeat the shots (after) from the same angle, in good light. Images should all be in the same orientation (portrait or landscape) The shots can also be taken after connecting your Aquabag and showing the bag connected is encouraged, but not required.

Customer supplied sample image after clearing


After the pool has fully cleared, take your after shots from the previously selected location and preferably, at the same time of day. Then, just email them to We will take your shots to make them like those that are shown above.