Clear Discolored Pool Water Caused By Iron Easily.
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  • AQUABAG-FE - Iron Removal Filter - Small

    Do you have issues with iron in your swimming pool water causing a DARK GREEN  or BROWN/ORANGE  color in your pool water? Our AquaBag™ will filter precipitated iron* (rust) and clear it up, normally within hours!

    This AquaBag  can do this WITHOUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS!

    The Aquabags can connect to most inground and above ground pools including INTEX and Other Soft Sided Swimming Pools!
    Our Adapters allow you to connect in minutes. If we do not have an adapter for your pool, an alternative is to simply disconnect your return hose, insert it into the AquaBag filter and tighten the clamp. Secure it in the pool, then simply sit back while your pool clears.

    * Precipitated iron is iron that has been oxidized, otherwise know and iron oxide or "rust". Our AquaBag filter will not remove iron that is still in solution. Please read our Iron Rust in Swimming Pool Water article for more information.

    View our Connection Adapters


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Barbara K.
    Worked exactly as advertised

    We used this on our stock tank pool and it turned it back to blue over night.

    Jenae L.

    We have a 2000 gallon pool filled with our very iron heavy well water. Our pool was completely dark brown with iron clogging our filter pump every day. 4 nights with the aquabag on our return and our pool is crystal clear! This filter is a complete game changer if you have hard well water. 1000/10 recommend!

    AARON M.

    We recently bought a 16 foot above ground Bestway pool from Menards. During pool startup, we elected to run all fill water through our household Iron Curtain Water Filtration System which removes the iron from the water. However, on day 2 or day 3, while filling the pool, we experienced Iron Bleed-Thru after putting fill water in the pool for 12 straight hours. 12 straight hours was more than our water filtration system could handle, without choosing to put our filtration system through a manual regeneration cycle.  As a result, the pool water exhibited a tint that revealed to us that Iron was now present in the pool.

    The brown tint of the water in the pool ended up becoming much more pronounced, later, once chlorine was introduced during pool start-up to sanitize our pool.  Chlorine is an oxidizer. And when you oxidize iron, you get rust. Rust isn't very soluble, so it is revealed when your pool water turns a nasty brown color.

    I did not want to introduce new chemicals into the pool to deal with the problem,  such as by adding a Sequestering Agent or by adding a Flocculent. Sequestering Agents are designed to keep metals, such as iron, in suspension so they don't tint the water. They also prevent the metals from staining the surfaces of your pool. When using Sequestering Agents, the iron would not be removed from the pool. Flocculents are designed to combine iron particles into heavy clumps of matter that quickly settle on the bottom of the pool where they can be vacuumed up and removed to waste from the pool. But with this method, you can lose quite a bit of your pool water to waste. As a result, you then have to add more fill water from the hose to account for the water you lost.

    I elected to go the route of filtering the iron out of the pool. I first tried filtering the iron out by putting one sock inside of another sock, so that the iron could be caught and removed from the pool at the inlet to the pool (where water is pumped INTO the pool). This worked to a certain degree. But after a while of doing this, I decided that the Aquabag FE was worth a shot, as it was advertised to be much more efficient at effectively removing iron from a pool. So, I bought the Aquabag FE and put it to the test.

    THE RESULT: The Aquabag FE was VERY effective at filtering A MUCH HIGHER CONTENT of iron out of the pool compared to the two socks I used. I have kept the Aquabag FE connected to the pool water inlet for about 2 weeks now, since startup (I have only disconnected the Aquabag from the pool inlet to rinse the iron out that lies within it). I am presently still getting some iron out of the pool, especially when I am sanitizing the pool, with Bioguard Smartshock (to shock the pool weekly) or with the C3 Stabilized Chlorine tablets, that run through my skimmer and pool pump. But the amount of iron removed from the pool is definitely becoming MUCH less.  I FULLY ENDORSE the Aquabag FE. It accomplishes the purpose for which is it made. I would encourage anyone that has iron in their pool water, to go ahead and purchase this product. It is worth it!

    Jamie S.
    Works great

    I have to top my pool off daily with well water and the aqua bag always clears it up by morning!

    Jennifer F.
    Brown to clear

    We have high iron content in our well water. The bag pulled the iron out quickly. We had to wash it out twice with gradual results each time. Within one week (or less) the water was crystal clear. I love that it’s reusable and not a throw away filter. Above all, the customer service was impeccable. I received an email reply the same day and continued follow-up responses.