AQUABAG-FE - Iron Removal Filter - Small

Do you have issues with iron in your swimming pool water causing a DARK GREEN or BROWN/ORANGE color in your pool water? Our AquaBag™ will filter precipitated iron* (rust) and clear it up, normally within hours!

This AquaBag  can do this WITHOUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS!

The Aquabags can connect to most inground and above ground pools including INTEX and Other Soft Sided Swimming Pools!
Our Adapters allow you to connect in minutes. If we do not have an adapter for your pool, an alternative is to simply disconnect your return hose, insert it into the AquaBag filter and tighten the clamp. Secure it in the pool, then simply sit back while your pool clears.

* Precipitated iron is iron that has been oxidized, otherwise know and iron oxide or "rust". Our AquaBag filter will not remove iron that is still in solution. Please read our Iron Rust in Swimming Pool Water article for more information.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mark W.
Worked fast!

My water turned to tea after I added chlorine and my heart sank. A new pool and it looked terrible. After some research, I realized that it was iron from my well. The Aquabag arrived in three days and I connected it with the adapter shown as fitting my pool.It connected easily. The next morning there was just a tinge left so I rinsed the bag (very brown) and went to work. My wife sent me a picture that afternoon of the kids in a clear pool!

Kenny K.
Cleared up FAST

Once full of water and with cleaned filters I shocked the pool. The water went from clear to dark brown in color immediately. Within 2 hours, all filters were brownish black, so I cleaned them again. By 5:00 pm that day, the water was clear. All chlorine was gone though. I had a chlorine floater in the pool and then reshocked it again. The pool was clear for our Saturday Fathers Day celebration! You filters worked great, and I would recommend them for anyone with FE issues or sediment. I have never been able to remove FE so fast with this pool using well water. Thank you again!!

Great Product

Cleared my water in a day and it was an easy process. I rinsed the filter twice in the first few hours, then left it on and that was that.

Almost a five star

The bag did fully clear my water, but a way to connect to my intex pool inlet would be nice. Connecting to the return hose works, but it could be easier.

We have just added an adapter for Intex pools. It connects to the water return/inlet in just a minute or two.

One Day Clear Up

I had light tea colored water. Clear by the next morning. Great product!