AQUABAG-FE - Iron Removal Filter - Small

Do you have issues with iron in your swimming pool water causing a DARK GREEN or BROWN/ORANGE color in your pool water? Our AquaBag™ will filter precipitated iron* (rust) and clear it up, normally within hours!

This AquaBag  can do this WITHOUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS!

The Aquabags can connect to most inground and above ground pools including INTEX and Other Soft Sided Swimming Pools!
Our Adapters allow you to connect in minutes. If we do not have an adapter for your pool, an alternative is to simply disconnect your return hose, insert it into the AquaBag filter and tighten the clamp. Secure it in the pool, then simply sit back while your pool clears.

* Precipitated iron is iron that has been oxidized, otherwise know and iron oxide or "rust". Our AquaBag filter will not remove iron that is still in solution. Please read our Iron Rust in Swimming Pool Water article for more information.

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