Aquabag FE 2 Pack - Large

Save by buying a two pack of Aquabag FE Filter Bags. Great for multi-inlet pools or for fast swap outs while clearing your water.

Customer Reviews

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It work good

Amanda L.
It did such a great job

I ordered the bag and then planned on returning it before it even arrived. I thought I had my iron issue figured out til we got rain and I added more water to my pool. It was greenish/cloudy and got worse when I shocked it. I figured I would try the bag because what do I have to lose. This Aqua Bag is a miracle! My pool is clear again and I will be using this every time I need to add water to my pool! I cannot believe how well it worked!

Jamie T.
A little longer than expected but did the job

I connected the Aquabag and after three days there was little to no change. I have terrible iron problems and though that this was yet another dead end. Support instructed me to rinse the bag and I hadn't. After 5 rinses, it was clear blue in two more days.

Emily H.
Orange/Brown to Beautiful!

I freaked out after shocking our well-filled pool for the first time this season to find the next morning the entire pool had turned orange-brown!

This didn't happen before, so I had no idea what to do. Our well water is high in iron, so my husband found this product online and it only took about 20 hours for the water to be clear/blue again. We did rinse the filter out 3 times during those 20 hours.

I'm so glad we ordered this product!

Best Purchase I’ve Made in a Long Time

Absolute miracle product! We filled our above ground pool with well water, and (as expected) when we added chlorine to it, it turned into sweet tea.

We tried white athletic socks, shock, poly-fill bucket, etc., with no luck.

We came across this product, and decided to try it. 2-days later, our pool is crystal clear.

My only additional suggestion would be to also use Sparkle Up and Metal Magnet to get rid of any stains or other residue.