You might be surprised at what your filter doesn't Catch

Algae and Algae Spores

Algae can be a frustrating thing to get rid of. After clearing it by conventional means and vacuuming, residue can remain in the water. This residue can consist of algae "shells" and spores. Removing the "shells" from the water and the spores can help lessen algae cycles.

Bacteria and Protozoa

Most bacteria will be killed by proper sanitation practices. Cysts of protozoa like crypto and giardia can be very resistant to sanitizers and can remain viable for months. Removing these contaminants reduces the risk of water related illnesses and removing the dead deprives algae of a food source.

Pet Dander, Skin, Atmospheric Dust

All of these things are unavoidable (unless you don't have pet in your pool). Not only can they affect water clarity, they also provide a source of food for algae.

Skin oils and Lotions

Skin oils and lotions pass through standard filters and can result in haze, an oily slick or a scum line on your pool walls. The Aquabag filter will absorb oils as well!