Combo Pack - Aquabag FE (small) and CU

SAVE $15.00 With This COMBO PACK
($64.95 if purchased separately)

The Aquabag FE+CU Combo Pack is for cases where there is a combination of both copper and iron in your pool water and is GUARANTEED to clear your pool of both of these metals.

This two stage system will first remove the majority of the iron and then collect any remaining iron along with the copper. Connect the Aquabag FE first and allow it to collect the iron until a noticeable improvement is seen.. Then switch to the Aquabag CU to finish clearing your pool. Its that easy!

Easy to use! Simply connect the bag to the water return port or hose from your filter system. Our VariNeck™ design allows connections to either 1.5" or 2" fitting or hose connections without a size adapter. For 2" hoses/fittings, simply use scissors to remove the 1.5 inch section of the bag neck.

Works for all types and sizes of pools!
The most common connection for above ground pools is to simply disconnect your return hose, insert it into the filter, tighten the clamp and put the filter in the pool. Then simply sit back while your pool clears. For in ground pools, choose an adapter for easy connection to a pool inlet.

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