Swimming Pool Water Iron and Copper Removal: Before-After Testimonials

Iron and Copper - Before and After

Removal of iron from swimming pool

Crystal clear!
Marla B. - Nebraska

Problem: Iron From Well Water
Solution: Large Brown-B-Gone

Brown pool water due to iron in well removal before after

This filter is truly amazing! Filtered every bit of iron out. First time pool owners and this saved a disaster! Thanks for the great product.
Kirby S, Wisconsin
Problem: Iron From Well Water
Solution: Small Brown-B-Gone


Brown-green water due to iron cleared

No Chemicals Used!
Jesse K. - Michigan

Problem: Iron From Well Water
Solution: Large Brown-B-Gone

Green pool due to iron crystal clear

The bag worked as described and our water is now crystal blue. Thank you so much for helping us expedite what we thought was going to be a long process to clear up our pool after replacing the liner and filling it with well water.
G. Weber, Illinois
Problem: Iron From Well Water
Solution: Large Brown-B- Gone


Removing copper from swimming pool water

The Brown-B-Gone was a life saver. From memorial day until the end of june the pool was green. I tried every recommended chemical including four bottles of metal remover after one store said that the greenness was from too much copper we were told to empty the pool and start again and that's when I searched for something on the internet. Low and behold our pool is now crystal clear. Thank you!

Elaine H. - New Jersey
Problem: Copper
Solution: Green-B-Gone

green tinted water swimming pool copper

I just wanted to let you know that your product worked absolutely perfect. i went to 20+ websites wondering what i can do to water that turned color after shocking. Seems to be no real answers anywhere how to easily fix the problem. Luckily i stumbled across your website and I couldn't be any happier! 

M. Bradach, Minnesota
Problem: Copper
Solution: Green-B- Gone